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How much time could your company save
with automatic data extraction?

OCR Is Dead

Automatically recognize documents at accuracy rates
far beyond any legacy OCR-template technologies

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In the search for productivity, is it a realistic option
or roadblock preventing true processing automation?

Automatic, intelligent, document capture and automation apps letting you focus on what really matters

Robotic Process Apps built on the DocuPeak cloud platform streamline operations like never before by automating data extraction and data entry pain points within your organization. From approval workflows and document lifecycle management to electronic form applications, DocuPeak helps you reach peak performance.

DocuPeak apps, whether out of the box or custom, are tailored to your unique business requirements. This means we incorporate your unique terminology, processes and leverage your unique ERP customizations.

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Our solutions have helped clients gain massive advantages within their operations

Watch a short video introducing DocuPeak Robotic Process Automation used for Accounts Payable.


Breaking down barriers preventing you from reaching peak performance

When you’re trying to automate a business process that may not be captured efficiently in your ERP, most businesses typically look at a few options. Either acquire a separate point solution for each business process and hope they all work nicely together, or hire a 3rd party consultant to write a custom application that integrates with the ERP using scripting or Web services.

Neither options are optimal as you end up with islands of highly specialized, incompatible solutions, each with their own upgrade schedules and maintenance requirements.

What if there was a better way? The answer is to have a platform where all of these additional applications can be delivered and integrated in a common way. An ERP augmentation platform that could be purchased once and added to continually create ongoing ROI. This is the vision of the DocuPeak platform for Robotic Process Automation.


Breaking Down Barriers to Automation

At Webiplex, we understand the keys to successful business process automation. For example, we believe the flow of documents, forms, and information needs to be automated in days, not months.

In addition, cloud solutions must deliver fully integrated features – without costly investments in servers, custom programming, or the creation of massive business process re-engineering bureaucracies.

With DocuPeak, Webiplex is breaking down the barriers – in both cost and delivery – that have prevented many organizations from implementing a business process management (BPM), business process automation (BPA), enterprise content management (ECM) or other workflow automation solution.

Under the new umbrella term, “Robotic Process Automation”, these solutions are now available to organizations that previously may have thought were out of reach. We can help you reach peak performance with Webiplex DocuPeak!


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