With so many companies operating on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, it shows how much value they put on efficiency. Just about every ERP solution has features designed to to manage day-to-day business activities like accounting, project management and supply chain operations.

Although these systems provide a range of automation within the accounting process, here are three ways that your existing ERP solutions can drive value by integrating with DocuPeak.

#1 – Invoice Extraction Automation

Vendor invoices are send into your organization in any number of formats and must be processed on time. These documents have historically been hand-keyed into the ERP system by team of users focused on manual data entry.

Although some companies use scanning software to help automate this tedious process, it still takes a large chunk of time to manually verify the integrity of the data.

DocuPeak takes a different approach by using Smart Document Recognition (SDR) in order to extract the data you need in record time. This isn’t the old old legacy OCR you’re used to, our SDR technology puts the power of Artificial Intelligence to work for your invoice automation.

#2 – No Templates Needed

Unlike other scanning solutions, DocuPeak needs not templates in order to extract the right data. This means you can say “goodbye” to the days of setting up and adjusting templates everytime you get a new vendor sending invoices.

If you’ve had a vendor adjust their invoice format without a heads up, you know how frustrating it can be when changing your scanning template to locate the right information on the page.

Some companies have been trapped in an endless cycle of creating templates that they even resort to using target sheets or revert back to manual data entry.

Docupeak eliminates the need for templates altogether, truly a game-changing feature that helps drive value within your capture process.

#3 – Seamless Integration

Users of DocuPeak often comment that they love the fact our solution is integrated directly into their ERP screen. It simply adds a tab that users can click on to reach all of the timesaving features DocuPeak offers, such as viewing a scanning invoice with a single screen within their ERP window.

This helps with training since your users are already familiar with navigating and using their ERP system on a day to day basis.
In fact, many users think it’s a part of their existing solution since we use a single sign-on feature!

Clients in a wide range of industries have already taken advantage of these benefits, you can see what they have to say on our testimonials and case study pages.

DocuPeak can truly add value to your existing ERP system. If you already have an Enterprise Resource Planning olution in place and want to take your invoice processing efficiency to the next level, we can help.