DocuPeak Alexa Skill

Voice-enable any business process implemented on
the DocuPeak platform to leverage the power of automation

Process Automation With The Power Of Voice

The Alexa integration from Webiplex gives your company the power of voice-enabled user interaction, and automated data entry. Our Alexa skill delivers on the vision of an entirely automated accounts payable processes with no screens.

Verbal Commands

Voice enable custom processes for accounting, contracts and more with Amazon Alexa

Fully Customizable

Voice interface can be customized to customer’s unique processes & terminology


Controlled Deployment

IT administrators control deployment through the Alexa for Business program

About The DocuPeak Alexa Skill

Webiplex DocuPeak is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) platform focused on hands-off processing of incoming documents, information and events.

In the accounts payable process, DocuPeak leverages AI to understand the “what and who” of incoming documents.

We extract key information without training or templates, implement a client’s unique business rules and automatically enter records into the ERP or account system. Now with the addition of the DocuPeak Skill for Alexa, a vision of vendor bill processing where no screen or typing is involved comes into focus.

Who We’ve Helped

Our solutions have helped clients gain massive advantages within their operations