DocuPeak Contract Management

In specialized business and organizations, contracts are often unique for every customer. These contracts are defined with documents, which then define parameters that must be implemented in actual practice. With tens or hundreds of customers, this can become a paper work nightmare. DocuPeak Contract Management relieves this management problem by not only managing the documents around the contract, but also the actual implementation of the contract.

Specifically, things like renewals and other dates, custom pricing, service level guarantees, are all part of a contract however once they are written into the contract document, something must actually “implement” the parameters of the document. DocuPeak can associated renewal dates with documents and send reminders to contract managers, and can store custom pricing and other details about the contract in DocuPeak Electronic Forms. In other words, DocuPeak can make the contract “come to life” and can also act as a central database for other systems.

Customer Story

medical services organization uses DocuPeak in conjunction with their NetSuite ERP to store customer contract documents and manage renewal dates and other vital information about the contract. Embedded within their ERP, DocuPeak Contract Management is only a click away while viewing their customer record in their ERP. When DocuPeak Document Management and DocuPeak Electronic Forms are combined to deliver a Contracts Management App, a truly “active” contract management system is now possible.

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