DocuPeak Electronic Forms

DocuPeak is a form-based system at its core which means electronic forms are just a part of DocuPeak’s DNA. Look around your desk and within reaching distance you probably have several paper forms that either need review or you need to fill out. When was the last time you actually hand-wrote information in a form? Still quite common isn’t it?

While there are many electronic forms tools in existence, most of these focus on the wrong thing – making the electronic form look like the existing paper form. While DocuPeak has tools for this as well (i.e. Formscapes), what is vastly more important is the data captured on the form, and how that form then flows through its workflow. This is where DocuPeak is different.

DocuPeak forms are used in both public and private sector organizations including police departments who receive electronic subpoenas from district attorneys. In addition, city and local governments have leveraged DocuPeak to automate numerous mundane forms such as vacation requests, correspondence reviews, and employee evaluations. Schools and school districts have taken personnel action notices which were once three part paper forms and created efficient electronic workflows.

Forms vs. Documents

What separates DocuPeak from simple document management systems, and from pure workflow systems, is that it encompasses both by viewing everything as a form. A “document” in DocuPeak is structured information (the data fields from an electronic form for example) married with unstructured content (a scanned image for example). In some cases, the content is the focus (e.g. document imaging application) and in other cases, the data fields are the focus (e.g. a HR vacation request form). While there is a spectrum from unstructured to structured data, with DocuPeak it is automated in the same manner making everything simpler. Without DocuPeak, companies often wind up purchasing a “forms package”, along with an “document management system”, and then sometimes even an additional “workflow management system”. With DocuPeak, it’s “all in there already”. You can learn more about our electronic forms in the forms section of the technical overview.


DocuPeak electronic forms allow organizations to convert all their paper-based form processes into efficient automated workflows without having to purchase multiple systems.

“While working on the DocuPeak project management application “CitiStat”, I was tasked by representatives from the Inglewood PD to provide a solution to their antiquated subpoena tracking system. After a handful of discussions with the developers from Webiplex, I quickly realized the potential for an additional BPM application that would provide 24-7 functionality to the members of the Inglewood PD. It needed to be extraordinarily user friendly, customizable, scalable, and reliable. Within a few months, we had an application that provides the above requirements plus the security and functionality required by the DA which will also allow us to bridge systems with the City Attorney’s Office.”

Derrick Deconinck
Police Systems Analyst II
City of Inglewood, CA

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