DocuPeak Case Management

Case Management is a general term that is also often referred to by other names such as “service requests” or “trouble tickets” or many other variations. At its heart, DocuPeak is fundamentally a case management system whereas everything in DocuPeak is a document, and every document is capable of being a managed case or electronic form. Case management is also extremely unique to an individual organization and business process and this is really where DocuPeak shines – in creating customized case management apps.

While there are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools out there for specific case management apps such as in the IT industry, it’s rare that a given organization only has that type of case needing to be managed. In other words, IT may purchase a trouble ticket system, but doesn’t HR need a HR service request system too? Does it make sense to purchase two separate case management systems?

At Webiplex, we think it makes sense to have a single business process platform that can implement as many case management apps as an organization may need, without having to spend money on separate systems. It’s a basic recognition that everything is really a case to be managed and all case management has similar needs such as notifications, collaboration, and status tracking to create enhanced accountability.

The Case for Case Management

Chances are, you implement your case management today via your e-mail Inbox resulting in what we refer to as “e-mail hell” in many occasions. Each employee likely has a grand design of e-mail folders where their work is kept and archived. If you find yourself in this situation as well, then you already have a compelling case for case management.

The other problem with the Inbox case management technique is tracking status and collaborating with employees or managers who do not have access to an individual’s e-mail Inbox and/or do not understand the organization of it. Group folders tend to grow without bound and quickly become a forest of information, impossible to quantify. DocuPeak case management provides an answer for ad hoc Inbox case management.

DocuPeak case management is fundamental to the DocuPeak platform which means everything, whether document or form, is a manageable case from the first day of implementation.

“No other web-based platform provides the flexibility I need to create multiple applications that enhance our daily operations. We have created DocuPeak-powered city-wide applications for document management, case management, customer service, contract administration, HR recruitment and selection, and grants administration. We have created our “CitiStat” application for tracking priority projects for all departments. The system provides a uniform methodology for gathering status updates and keeping management up-to-speed on project issues, milestones, and deliverables.”

Michael D. Falkow
Assistant City Manager
City of Inglewood, CA