DocuPeak Custom Apps

Typically, an organization signs up for DocuPeak for one of our point solutions such as our Accounts Payable or Contract Management apps, but often times there is an additional business process that doesn’t fall neatly into a pre-packaged app. This is where DocuPeak shines the most. DocuPeak is a cloud platform and while it is not required for our packaged apps, it is key to learn a bit about the underlying platform to understand the capabilities that could be applied to other areas within an organization.

Starting with the DocuPeak Application Studio, the DocuPeak platform provides a toolbox of tools that can be put together like building blocks to rapidly create and deploy applications. In fact, Webiplex uses DocuPeak for our CRM, development tasks, support requests, contract management, and corporate document management – yes, we “eat our own dog food”!

We have found, in practice, it is far better to have a solution for something like IT service requests that we can easily and quickly customize than purchase an off the shelf application specifically for IT service requests. A simple example is that our database of customers is shared between our CRM, IT service request and contract management apps. Can you imagine if all these systems in your organization were pre-integrated into one another on the same platform? DocuPeak is an answer to this vision.

Learning More

If you’d like to learn more about your particular application and whether it might be uniquely suited to the DocuPeak platform, use our contact form to request a free, no obligation review of your business process. Chances are, DocuPeak can automate it quickly and efficiently.

DocuPeak’s innovative Application Studio allows apps to be discovered, defined and implemented in a fraction of the time of programming.