Webiplex DocuPeak: Cloud-Based Robotic Process Applications

Webiplex DocuPeak is a cloud-based, business process management (BPM) software platform designed for rapid application development (RAD) and easy configuration of automated business processes. Webiplex offers DocuPeak on an SaaS (Software as a Service) basis, enabling users to access it globally via the Webiplex cloud. It also can also be installed in a private cloud – with no compromise in functionality.

DocuPeak allows IT and data analysts to quickly:

  • Define forms and document meta data for the automation of business processes
  • Define intuitive interfaces for users
  • Implement data and content management solutions – from scanning and forms entry to data import/export integration
  • Create reports and management views to monitor business processes, enhancing accountability and control

DocuPeak’s innovative Application Studio makes it simple to create customized, auditable, secure and reliable document management applications…in just minutes. In addition, forms or ad hoc processes can be automated just as quickly using DocuPeak Forms and business process management.

The Webiplex DocuPeak platform provides several high-level features and functions that target specific business processing automation phases within an organization. Following is an abbreviated “macro” view of the DocuPeak implementation process. It is not meant to offer a comprehensive view of DocuPeak capabilities and features.

Data and Content Capture

Today, information enters organizations in a variety of ways – paper, e-mail, system-to-system transactions, spreadsheets, word-processing documents, etc. DocuPeak provides built-in components – such as the DocuPeak Scan Bench, e-mail import and data entry forms – that can capture, scan, receive or integrate with any other content or data- producing system.

DocuPeak also provides electronic forms that permit business process automation of data-driven tasks. Service requests, task and project management and reporting, and any other data-centric processes can be modeled and implemented…quickly and easily. Moreover, changes to DocuPeak applications are simple to make and can quickly refine a business process in real time.

Data and Content Intelligence

DocuPeak has an entire framework for content intelligence, i.e., the creation of actionable data for intelligence rules and automated processes. DocuPeak offers the requisite automation tools for functions ranging from reading a barcode off a scanned image to automating approval processes for employee requests. Our customers are used to workflows involving scanned paper as well as received e-mails and EDI imports – all delivered in a single process and captured and managed in a single system.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

DocuPeak workflow and process automation is defined and configured within the DocuPeak Application Studio, an entirely Web-based application-construction environment.

Applications are defined by configuring sets of “Application Entities” and can be further automated using DocuPeak Process Trees – tree-based user interfaces for specifying rules and automation. The DocuPeak Process Tree is based on BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) standards and incorporates BPMN’s core concepts (Events, Activities, Groups, etc.). However, it does not require the use of confusing and complex BPMN diagrams.

Whether you’re validating a purchase order number that was “OCR’d” (entered via optical character recognition) from a scanned document, or implementing a rule that sends all mortgage applications meeting specified criteria to a particular review step, DocuPeak Process Trees provide the built-in, open and extensible answer. And its “business event”-driven model makes DocuPeak applications more agile, while allowing for incremental enhancements in business processes.

Deep Line-of-Business (LOB) System Integration

Document management is rarely a “stand alone” function. Document management typically supplements an existing process or an existing line-of-business system. DocuPeak provides numerous methods for integrating our document processing technology into your existing IT infrastructure:

  • Web services, API-based integration with the DocuPeak Web service, the server engine itself
  • Support for Active Directory single-signon integration
  • Support for OAuth single-sign on standard to allow for single-sign on integration with any Web-based system (i.e. can be added to in-house systems).
  • Client-side, line-of-business system user interface integration (i.e. “image enabling” – adding menu items, etc.) through the DocuPeak Scan Bench client-side integration framework.
  • Automated file capture/import for file-based integration.
  • Integrated external database integration via “Reference Folders” for lookups, drop down lists, and index value validation.

Data and Content Access and Reporting

DocuPeak provides an exceptional, entirely customizable Web user interface for viewing data and content, easily searching and performing ad hoc or saved queries, and configuring custom toolbars, menus and views that perfectly match the business process being modeled. DocuPeak user interfaces are “ATM simple” – only those features required for a particular use are shown in an application, and the toolbars, menus, field, forms, etc. are all defined in the language of the user’s organization.

“The AIIM Greater Los Angeles Chapter needed a document management system for storing and retrieving chapter documents. We developed a requirements and functionality document and conducted a product comparison. We selected DocuPeak from Webiplex because it provided a hosted SaaS platform that was easy to use, had all the features we needed, and could rapidly be configured to our document library and workflow specifications. Additionally, the people at Webiplex provided great support and patiently answered all of our questions throughout the decision-making process, which solidified our decision that their solution was right for us. Collaboration between Board of Directors, members, and officers is improved because we have adopted DocuPeak as our official Document Management platform.”

 Toni Lewis
Chapter President