DocuPeak for NetSuite

Instantly access and manage your paper records
electronically right from a tab in NetSuite

Reach Peak Performance With DocuPeak

How much time and money would your company save if you could instantly access your paper records and file cabinets documents right from a tab in NetSuite?

With Webiplex’s DocuPeak document management integration solution, you can electronically manage all paper documents related to your business and automate your routing and approvals process. Keep all departments and project teams in sync by making documents instantly available and easily accessible within NetSuite, while maintaining an audit trail of all document based activity.

Instant Access To Documents

Instantly access your paper and electronic documents right from a tab in NetSuite

Automatic Data Entry

Recognize documents at accuracy rates far beyond legacy OCR-template technologies, without building templates

Document Routing & Approval

Automatically route and escalate documents through a predefined role-based review and approval process

Leverage the Power And
Automation of DocuPeak

With our Netsuite integration, you leverage Smart Document Recognition for key data and automating document indexing and data entry.

This gives you the power to automatically route documents such as AP invoices through a predefined role-based review and approval process, including notifications and escalation procedures.

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“The Docupeak product is the only fit we could find for our complicated workflow and business needs…”


“DocuPeak was exactly the solution that I was looking for, we’re thrilled we don’t have to file anymore!”


“We have been using DocuPeak for over a year now and don’t think of processing AP any other way.”

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