DocuPeak for Your Line of Business (LOB) System

While Webiplex provides out-of-the-box integrations with several of the leading cloud ERP and accounting products, DocuPeak has also been integrated into numerous other line of business (LOB) systems via the extensive integration toolset provided within the DocuPeak Application Studio.

DocuPeak supports both the importing and exporting of data sets in a structured manner through our Content Reader and Report application entities. Data sets such as G/L accounts, or vendor lists can be synchronized from an on-premise LOB to the DocuPeak cloud. And, the results of business processes executed within DocuPeak can be exported via a traditional CSV, TSV, or fixed file structure that is easy for on-premise or legacy LOB or ERP systems to ingest.

The DocuPeak Smart Client is a small footprint utility that runs within the local network of a client and manages the transport of files from the local file system back and forth to the DocuPeak cloud. Best of all this utility requires no incoming ports and can easily work behind a firewall.

In addition, for those of our customers who have chosen to leverage the DocuPeak private cloud option, a complete ADO/ODBC interface is available through our Reference Folder application entity. This interface allows for external lists to be integrated natively, in real-time, with DocuPeak Forms and also for inserting or updating records within an external system.

Using the aforementioned technologies, customers have integrated DocuPeak with*:

  • Legacy and custom “homegrown” systems
  • Vertical line of business systems such as Sungard® eFinancePLUSTM and Duncan® AutoPROCESSTM
  • Horizontal ERP systems such as Oracle® PeopleSoft and Microsoft® Dynamics GP

DocuPeak and Your LOB system…

  • Integration options for on-premise to cloud hybrid environments.
  • Extensive integration tools for private cloud environments.
  • Contact Us to discuss your LOB system and integration options.

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DocuPeak has an extensive set of application entities that allow for easy integration into almost any Line of Business (LOB) system.