Smart Document Recognition

The document capture solution market has been static for nearly four decades. The same players selling the same legacy OCR-template based technologies which deliver marginal accuracy at inflated prices yet still require labor intensive analysis. Some even require you to print a PDF to paper, then scan it back in to process it within their system.

After all those years, and all that wasted money, why hasn’t anyone come up with a better way?

Enter DocuPeak Smart Document Recognition (SDR), a next-generation take on the process of reading unstructured content (e.g. PDFs or scanned documents) to automatically generate data and automatically perform data entry. SDR is built on new technologies that are born on the Web and big data applications, and leverages artificial intelligence and contextual awareness like no other capture solution on the market.

Using SDR, our customers can automatically recognize documents at accuracy rates far beyond any of the legacy OCR-template technologies, without building and maintaining thousands of templates! Best of all, SDR is part of the overall DocuPeak platform which means exception workflows and automated data entry are built into the capture workflow itself. With DocuPeak SDR, there is now a single solution for document recognition and business process automation. Competitive solutions cobbled together through company acquisition that are completely unintegrated, unintelligent, over-priced and outdated, simply no longer have a place in the capture industry.

This is why during the years of R&D that went into SDR, our internal team rallying call was “OCR is dead” – specifically meaning the OCR-template old legacy model really needs to be retired. We believe we’ve done just that.

Watch a short video introducing DocuPeak SDR used for Accounts Payable.

DocuPeak Smart Document Recognition is a quantum leap in document automation technology, relegating “OCR template” solutions to the dust bin of history. Contact Webiplex today for a free, no obligation review of the documents you would like to process.

“Our accounts payable department saw an immediate 30% decrease in the time required to process incoming invoices and shipment notifications. With continued refinement to our business processes, we are confident that this technology will allow us to remove virtually all data entry in the AP chain and transition to a model of review and exception management only.”

Tyler Browne
IT Manager
Sustainable Supply
(Webiplex customer since 2014)