The Vendor Portal Pipe Dream

A realistic option – or roadblock
preventing true processing automation?

The Hunt For Productivity

The vendor portal, it conjures up images of accounting departments and vendors working side by side for the good of all. As organizations strive to increase automation and streamline transactions, is the vendor portal still an effective strategy? The answer may depend on a few key factors.

Do companies wake up one morning with dreams of strong-arming vendors into becoming free part-time data entry operators? Not really. The “vendor portal” concept was designed to address a more widespread challenge within ERP and accounting departments.

That challenge is how to automate the extraction of essential data from invoices, sales orders and other important records in order to process and verify business transactions. There’s an opinion that the vendor themselves are in the best position to perform data entry simply because they know their own records better than anyone involved in the process.

While this may be true, determining the best solution for your business depends on what specific data do you need and what volume of transactions you’re attempting to process during a daily or monthly cycle. Relying on vendors to manually enter a few basic data entry fields may work fine for smaller departments, but if you’re looking to achieve peak performance at scale…there’s a better way with DocuPeak!

Key Comparisons

Features designed to streamline business processing at speed

Vendor Portal


Manual File Uploads

Invoices and other documents must be uploaded manually by each vendor after logging into the portal

Data Entry Performed By Hand

Vendors hand enter each piece of data manually, resulting in lower speed and accuracy with minimal quality control

Slow Performance & Quality Control

Limited by the speed of vendor data entry while errors create bottlenecks and timeline issues

Flexible Automated Ingestion

Documents can be introduced into the system via paper scanning, digital import, FTP and other automated processes

Automatic Data Entry

Recognize documents and extract data, costs, GL codes and line items all without building templates using powerful A.I.

Build To Perform With Quality Control In Mind

Powerful technology extracts essential data in record time while flagging any quality control checks for review

Ready To Reach Peak Performance?

Leverage the Power And
Automation of DocuPeak

With our powerful integration, you leverage Smart Document Recognition for automating document indexing and data entry of your key data without manual typing.

This gives you the ability to automate document processing within accounts payable, sales orders and other essential departments. With integrations built for NetSuiteIntacct and others…our solutions are ready to help deliver the data processing automation you’ve been dreaming of.

“Thanks to DocuPeak technology we have been able to streamline several accounting processes.  In addition, their support team is knowledgeable, flexible and a joy to work with— I wish they were all like Webiplex!”
Carla Z.

Vice President/Controller, Glazer’s Beer & Beverage

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