Irvine, CA March 30th 2018

Webiplex announced today the availability of the DocuPeak Skill for Alexa, allowing voice-enabling of any business process implemented on the DocuPeak platform. With the Alexa integration, Webiplex extends its leadership in the robotic process automation space with AI permeating the entire business process. This includes a complete lifecycle from document capture, classification and data extraction to business rules implementation, voice-enabled user interaction, and automated data entry.

Out of the box, DocuPeak Alexa supports the accounts payable processes for document searches, approvals, and client-specific processes such as sending reminder e-mails or escalation procedures.

“With the DocuPeak Skill for Alexa, we are delivering on the vision of entirely automated accounts payable processes with no screens,” says Rob Rennie, CEO of Webiplex. “Our AI on the capture side (Smart Document Recognition) classifies and extracts key information automatically with no templates or training. Our business rules engine captures even the most complex organizational rules, our Alexa integration leverages the latest in voice UI for exception processing, and our deep integrations seamlessly automate data entry into the ERP.”

The DocuPeak Skill for Alexa is integrated at the platform level with DocuPeak – meaning any process implemented on the platform is capable of being voice enabled. This allows custom processes for contract management, order fulfillment, purchasing, or even fleet management can be automated with Alexa’s voice recognition technology. In addition, the voice interface can be customized to a customer’s unique processes and terminology.

The DocuPeak Skill for Alexa is currently available to Webiplex customers through the Alexa for Business program, which allows for controlled deployment of the technology by IT administrators.

About Webiplex™:

Webiplex is the provider of DocuPeak™, a premier cloud-based business process automation and document management platform. DocuPeak™ is a next-generation platform as a service (PaaS), concentrating on delivering rapid results in automating business processes without programming in an easy-to-use Web-based Application Studio. DocuPeak customers have automated government, accounting, supply-chain, medical, and many other form-based, document imaging and document centric business processes.