DocuPeak App for Zapier

Leverage next generation DocuPeak Web hook technology and Zapier to extend business processes across the cloud.

Webiplex’s DocuPeak App for Zapier delivers a point-and-click integration environment where events (triggers) occuring within Zapier can be directed to (actions in) DocuPeak. In addition, at any point within a DocuPeak business process (i.e. Process Tree), triggers can be sent in real-time back to Zapier.

Zapier delivers hundreds of public Apps (see directory) as well as private, or invite-only apps that can be added to a Zapier account via the provider. DocuPeak is currently an invite-only app, so please contact us if you’d like to have the DocuPeak app added to your Zapier account.

An example: Zapier makes it trivial to connect Google Drive to DocuPeak to leverage DocuPeak’s full robotic process application power:

Configure a Zapier Zap to send key information about a Google Drive document to DocuPeak in real-time.







DocuPeak now manages Google documents as if they were natively stored within DocuPeak, complete with meta data and workflow processing fields.

Webiplex provides an invite-only DocuPeak App on the Zapier integration platform that allows connectivity to hundreds of other cloud providers.

Contact Webiplex to add the DocuPeak Zapier App to your Zapier account today.