DocuPeak Document Management

A comprehensive and cutting-edge
solution from imaging to collaboration

A Single Unified Approach

Webiplex was founded by document management veterans who were frustrated seeing customers purchasing three systems to complete an ECM vision. First, it’s common for an organization to purchase a document management system to store scanned records. Next, they typically buy a forms package to create electronic PDF versions of paper forms, which were then stored in their document management system.

Finally, a workflow system was purchased to attempt to integrate the other two systems together, and in a business process. In short, it was crazy. Even today, many of the ECM vendors Webiplex regularly competes with are actually the same sort of system that has been “acquired” together. The only difference is the customer only writes one check instead of three – the technology problem is still there.

Webiplex DocuPeak turns this model on its head. While some organizations may think they do not need all three, in our experience, they almost all need some bit of all three concepts – document management, forms development, workflow automation. Even a simple archival DocuPeak solution has some form of workflow in it, even if it is only security configuration. DocuPeak not only provides all three concepts but delivers them in a unified approach.

Unified Approach

We combine the three main pillars of any ECM into a single, robust and innovative system

Gain Efficiencies

Streamline records management and business processes with an easy to use automated solution

Lower Costs

Consolidate the cost of multiple software components with a single flexible solution

An Extensive Toolbox
Of Capture Techniques

Starting with capture DocuPeak provides an extensive toolbox of techniques to capture information. With our DocuPeak Scan Bench client utility, document scanning is natively integrated into DocuPeak – so unlike other enterprise solutions which outsource their capture to another vendor, document imaging is built-in to DocuPeak.

Beyond paper capture, DocuPeak also provides e-mail importing with attachment extraction, Web services, the DocuPeak File Capture utility, and many other techniques to capture unstructured information.

Designed For True
Information Efficiency

On the document processing side, DocuPeak provides both manual and automated processing features. This includes user approvals, reviews, traditional zonal OCR or barcode recognition and our next-generation Smart Document Recognition.

With our Process Tree technology, incoming unstructured information can be converted into the actionable information you’ve been looking for.

Finally, on the archival and search side, DocuPeak supports both field-based searches as well as full-text indexing.

In our integrations with your line of business systems, DocuPeak views can be embedded right within the native application such as the NetSuite ERP or Intacct Accounting software. And, our full suite of integration tools such as our Web services API allows you to extend access programmatically in any number of ways.

What Clients Say

Our solutions have helped clients reach peak performance within their operations

“Thanks to DocuPeak technology we have been able to streamline several accounting processes.  In addition, their support team is knowledgeable, flexible and a joy to work with— I wish they were all like Webiplex!”

Carla Z.

VP/Controller, Glazer’s Beer & Beverage